1105 Castle in the Sky
Location : Brussels, Belgium
Surface : 3.430 m²
Client : Private
Year : 2019
Status : Competition
In the initial request from the client, the program didn’t account for the conservation of the original building. But its quality as well as the reputation of its architect led us to keep, in the project, the memory of it. In remembrance of the past century but also the family. One does not erase a part of the photos in the family album.
The idea of “palimpsest” seemed to us particularly appropriate here, like a parchment whose first writing, scratched or washed, had made place for a new text.
To cross the mirror, it is what allows to operate the idea of palimpsest, by making visible in the contemporary and future forms, the shape of the past in that of the present.
« Aimons le passé mais portons envie à l’avenir »
Adrien Blomme