3163 Bousval
Location : Genappe, Belgium
Surface : 3.500 m²
Client: Private
Year : 2009
Status : Completed
Grouped housing and organic farming. This rehabilitation of an old farm and its outbuildings was the subject of a participative and ecological approach by its co-owners. The primary objective was to set up sustainable agriculture, without subsidies. The built-up area of the farm was too large for simple agricultural activity, the surplus volumes were converted into housing. The rehabilitation highlights the old materials -walls and frames-, reusing them while introducing new innovative techniques: insulation based on wood fibers, vapor permeability, creation of a greenhouse to recover heat, auxiliary heating for the workshop and double-flow ventilation. Although close to the "passive" standard, the cost of the operation remains economically accessible and compatible with traditional rural use.
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Photos by Laurent Brandajs