3385 Grote Baan
Location : Drogenbos, Belgium
Surface : 2.000 m²
Client : SV Invest
Year : 2021
Status : Completed
The project consists of 6 houses each with a private garden, an apartment building on the street with 6 residential units, 2 liberal professions on the ground floor each with their private garden and a common garden, further on the left a house on the street with an office for a liberal profession on the ground floor and with a garage and a garden.
The buildings are designed in such a way that they form a whole, and yet radiate smallness of scale in a contemporary way.
The ground floor is transparent thanks to the glazing and the floors are very simply structured with a solid segment that alternates with a glazed segment. In this way a game with proportions, light incidence and privacy is developed.
The rhythm refers to a small-scale construction with mostly single-family houses of Drogenbos.
The facade finish of the buildings is white. In order to support the rhythmic play with the choice of materials, the rear facades with balconies are also finished in wood.
Photos by Koen Van Damme