3216 Libramont Fair
Location : Libramont, Belgium
Surface : 22.190 m²
Client : Société Royale du Cheval de Trait
Year : 2013
Status : Completed
The new building houses a Congress Center, a covered market, several conference rooms, offices, a restaurant, a farmer's cafeteria and a business center. A project of regional and international ambition, the new infrastructures of the Libramont agricultural fair, one of the largest in Europe, are a double architectural challenge: spaces with very large spans (60 m) and ecological requirements. The building translates into a gesture that invites the visitor to enter, a set of footbridges allows the public to circulate on three levels, they allow the connection of the old livestock halls to the various added functions. The use of the space can be simultaneous or in "private" zones depending on the events taking place there. The proposed solution is also characterized by the spectacular elegance of the glued laminated wood structures, which creates a humanizing relationship of scale with the multitude of possible activities. This wooden structure supports the green roof emerging from the earth, which completes the integration of the building into the site.
Axonometric view