3473 Terfosse
Location : Rixensart, Belgium
Surface : 2.060 m²
Client : Private
Year : 2021
Status : Completed
The project consists in the transformation and extension of an old square farmhouse dating from the 18th century.
The agricultural development of the land surrounding the farm is in close relation with the functions found within the buildings such as co-working spaces, crafts, food processing, sales and housing.
The extension of the North wing allows to offer a real visual identity to the farm of Terfosse. This new building symbolizes the opening of the farm on the landscape.
The opening of the East wing allows the farm to be permeable to the surrounding landscape and to facilitate exchanges with the market gardening part. The hall thus created will serve as a covered sales area, a gathering place, or a temporary storage space for agricultural products.
The project is entirely autonomous in terms of both water and electricity consumption.