3436 Woodinspiration
Location : Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium
Surface : 900 m²
Client : InvestSud SA
Year : 2019
Status : Unbuilt
The Woodinspiration project is in line with the Investsud 1 and 2 projects. There is an office building and an exhibition building. The goal is to expose and bring together all the actors, designers and craftsmen of the wood industry in the province of Luxembourg. The panel goes from the wood turner who makes mannequins for stores to the sawmill that recycles part of its stock into design objects.
The building takes up the dynamic of the roof of the existing Investsud buildings while differentiating itself. The roof participates in the skyline of the existing surroudings. The materials are matte aluminum for the exterior skin and wood for everything that is protected from the rain and sun. Aware and sensitive to ageing according to its exposure to UV, this wood will be selected and treated in order to keep its homogeneity over time.
Axonometric drawing.